We have a very deep rooted view on how fashion brands should operate from an ethics perspective. We believe that there are countless ways companies can work to become more ethical. We are continuously working on our ethical practices especially when it comes to transparency in our operations, gender equality in the workplace, making sure we abide by health and safety standards, choosing who to partner with when it comes to sourcing and suppliers, as well as respecting all cultures and giving due credit to everyone involved from design inspiration till it reaches the end consumer.

There are strong beliefs and values that the designer lives by and they have been embedded and established in the business practice from the start.  Now, the brand is looking to formalize these practices internally so that they are transparent to the employees, the suppliers and to the consumers. We firmly believe in transparency in the supply chain, from concept inspiration to sourcing to manufacturing. We are still working on improving the traceability in our supply chain because we believe that our consumer has the full right to know about how we come up with the concept and where does our inspiration comes from, the sources of our raw material and who makes it, and the working conditions of our manufacturers. This is a continuous work in progress.

Supply chain decisions are well studied in order to find the proper sources of raw materials where we directly work with the communities without having to deal with a middle person, to ensure that all profits go to the weavers.

Each garment has a full description of who, how, what, when, and where it’s made starting from concept to final product. We are integrating technology to improve our transparency and allow our consumers to know where, what, who, and how their clothes were made, by developing QR code for each style, allowing our customers to scan the code and therefore have access to all the information and description of their garments.

We care to support communities, cultures, and indigenous people, so we give appreciation to these communities whenever we work with them by giving them credits as well as a percentage of the garments that we sell. 

90% of our raw material is organic silk and cotton chosen carefully and responsibly. We also source dead stocks specially for our leather material.

Women supporting women; ROUBA G works mostly with supply companies owned by women. We also strive to have diversity in the brand’s team, so gender equality is very important.

Creating a safe and friendly environment is essential to us at ROUBA G, we care for our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. We aim provide a safe space and supportive environment where our team feels comfortable and is able to grow.

 We work on updating and enhancing our ethical standards every year to make our impact on humanity, as well as the environment, better.