Ethical Fashion

We pride ourselves in working with suppliers, manufacturers and retailers that uphold the same ethical working conditions as we do

Fair Trade Design

We work to have full transparency in our entire design and and manufacturing process to ensure the rights of every party in all stages of design

Luxury Design

We strive to provide a luxury experience for our clients. From designt to fitting, we aim to create a sense of opulence when shopping with us

Natural Fiber Fashion

We only work with natural fibers and are sure to source them from ethical sources and to guarantee the rights of the small suppliers we work with

It’s all in the details

Intricate designs and consideration for movement

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Handmade Craftsmanship

Luxury at its finest

Our pieces are all made with the finest mateirals and careful attention to detailing through craeful cratfsmanship

We adorn our pieces with superior quality silks and threads to create moving works of art that are bound to last

Our mission is to create ethical clothes with unique and timeless designs that embrace womanhood, elevate luxury clothing while giving the consumer more than just an experience but also a lifestyle.

Elegant yet daring

The perfect combination of grace combined with bold feminity

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