Dragon Dawn

Step back into a time when the world was steeped in mystery, and dragons walked the earth…

As demoiselles step over cool waters, draped in soft silks and romance into an ethereal realm, they need no knight to save them. They put on their shining armour of silken scales, defiant in the burnt face of reality. 

They don’t need to live in the confines of the old scripts. Here, they turn the page and enter a narrative of their own creation. They spin their stories into a complex web of lace and Tulle, their whimsical and intricate layers telling tulle tales of their own. No, these demoiselles need no knights in shining armour. They can cast their own spells in iridescent shades, and fly to new horizons through pastel skies.

With Rouba.G and her dragons, they will soar.  

-Alexandra Maher-