Stop.. Breathe.. Close your eyes and free your mind.. Escape to a place where daydreams find refuge, where the sun fades colours to airy tones, and flowing fabrics fly wild in the breeze. Let go of realities that hang heavy overhead, and seek haven within light ruffles and layers of sheer meeting lace. Here your soul will find comfort in intertwined rope; slowly it will begin to unravel, then break free and dance down to the world.

Discover a place where routines are forgotten, a place where playful patterns shimmer with intricate detail  - a place where imagination is the only ruler. Detach yourself from commitments and structure, and enter into a realm where spontaneous silhouettes serenade carefree hearts.

This is your kingdom; this is your fantasy. This is a moment to slip away from the darkness and fall into a journey of light. This is Rouba. G and her Escapism. 

-Salina Yara Halabi