Whispers of Lost Souls

And through the crumbling earth she rose. Ever more powerful; encompassing the beauty and strength of great beings from lifetimes before. But what has this silent world below told her? The earth carefully guards its secrets; through layers of stone, sand, and water, it protects them. But now, the whispers of lost souls live within her, and even the fierce earth trembles beneath each powerful step she takes.

A majestic creature. A god from the ages filled with tales of kingdoms forgotten. The elements swirl around her, enveloping her in dusty hues that flow freely in the wind. 

You see that she carries a burden within her. Tales of loss, of tragedy - untold stories that have left marks on her soul. Yes, there is darkness in what has passed, but her heart is a beacon of hope. It is the light that guides her to the dream of tomorrow. A new chapter, a new beginning. A new collection by Rouba.G.

By Salina Yara Halabi