Souraya Haddad Credoz: Crafting Worlds Through Ceramics

Souraya Haddad Credoz: Crafting Worlds Through Ceramics

In the world of ceramic artistry, where the clay takes on new life and form, Souraya Haddad Credoz is a name that stands out. Born in 1962, Souraya embarked on a unique journey that led her from architecture to the captivating realm of ceramics.

Souraya's educational background as an architect and her later pursuit of a master's degree in landscape design at Université de Montréal have given her a distinctive perspective. She approached ceramics with a control over shapes and forms honed through her architectural training.

One of the remarkable aspects of Souraya's work is her relentless exploration. She focuses on developing new glazing formulas and experimenting with various sculpting techniques. Her determination and creative experimentation breathe life into each piece, infusing it with a poetic essence that sets it apart.

Souraya's life has been a tapestry of experiences. She spent 12 years in Montreal and two years in Istanbul, enriching her artistic journey. Her works have found their place in several galleries and exhibitions, showcasing her unique talent to the world.

Now, Souraya lives and works in the vibrant city of Beirut, Lebanon, where her creativity continues to flourish. Her ceramics are not just objects; they are creatures that emerge from a dormant universe within us, a world both familiar and yet to be fully formed.

Souraya's creations invite individual interpretation and contemplation. They offer a glimpse into symbiotic futures, promising stories, temperaments, and roles, all born from a desire to reinvent worlds. Her pieces, organic and mineral, transcend what is natural, blending the baroque with the artificial.

As you gaze upon Souraya's ceramics, they transcend mere representation. Instead, they transfigure potential realities and ignite visionary impressions. The presence of her creations sparks the imagination, leading us deep into the recesses of our subconscious, where images and emotions intertwine.

Souraya's artistic journey is a return to the past, a confrontation with the fragments of existence that have been broken and reshaped. Her hands shape essential, primary forms, both anatomical and not quite spherical. They reconstruct and heal, infusing color and life into once broken pieces.


The chimeras within us, creatures of fantastic darkness, walk the earth through Souraya's creations. They embody the colors of survival, straddling the line between fire and water, recounting tales of life, intimate explosions, and the earth in flames.

Yet, within their mystery, they call out, like a spell, to the living, to solace, and ultimately to serenity. Souraya Haddad Credoz's ceramics are more than art; they are a journey into the secrets of movement, a testament to the power of creation and the enduring allure of the craft.

- Clémence Cottard Hachem

Souraya Haddad Credoz's ceramics invite us to explore the uncharted territories of our imagination, where art transcends boundaries, and creativity knows no limits.

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